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Together we can ensure that 277 internally displaced Afghan families get through the cold season safely this winter!


Winters in Afghanistan force large parts of the population to fight for their survival: temperatures down to minus 30 degrees meet people whose only accommodation is tents or makeshift huts with no heating. Every year, Afghan winters result in deaths by frost and starvation.


In the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe, the population is particularly vulnerable this year – and the first snow is already falling. If we take action now, we can provide a refugee camp in the north of the country with the essentials. With a donation goal of €30,470, we can reach 277 families, that means around 1,385 people, with supplies for 2-3 months in winter packages, consisting of non-perishable foods and warm blankets. Every donation counts! Are you with us?

Demand support for civilians and civil society organizations in Afghanistan!

The German government has cut off development cooperation fundings in the country. At the same time, civil society organisations are still on the ground and want to continue supporting Afghans. Especially now, when the fate of millions of people in the country is dramatically endangered by the Taliban’s seizure of power and successes of the past years, including better access to education and health care, are acutely threatened, development cooperation is more important than ever! Thus, in cooperation with Global Citizen, we have created a petition demanding the resumption of government development cooperation!


The collapse of the economy, the ongoing drought and the COVID pandemic have led to a catastrophic situation – every third person in the country is already dependent on humanitarian reflief. According to estimates, more than 22.8 million Afghans are currently threatened by extreme starvation. More than half of the Afghan population! That is why non-governmental organisations who are still active on the ground need to be capable and able to continue their work! But to do so, they will need support from the German government. While the German government has promised aid for refugees in neighbouring countries as well as financial support for UN organisations in Afghanistan, non-governmental organisations that want to continue their work in the country are currently on their own.


Through the hasty withdrawal of troops and a complete misjudgement of the danger situation on the ground, the German government has contributed to this crisis situation. It is therefore now up to the Federal Government to take responsibility for its actions and to help stop the humanitarian catastrophe.


Do you agree? Then sign our petition now and call on decision-makers to stand up for civil society on the ground!

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As a supporting member, the person you gift will be part of our Visions family, able to attend team assemblies and exclusive events, and gain deeper insights into our work in Germany, Afghanistan, and Uganda.


Why is the supporting membership important for us? As a registered non-profit organization, we are mostly financed by donations. The form of supporting membership creates one thing above all: security in being able to finance our work in a sustainable, long-term and plannable way.


Already from 10€/month you can make a valuable contribution to the school education of children in crisis areas with your gift for a dear person and we can equip 18 children with high-quality school materials.


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A supporting membership offers a simple and efficient opportunity for you to champion the right to education for all children. With a minimum contribution of only € 8 per month, you get exclusive insights into our work and allow us to carry out our aid projects in the long term.

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