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Urgent Relief for Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan
Projectstart: 2021


Achieved goal:

500.000 €

The people need our support now!


In Afghanistan, families are fleeing chaos and violence. The Taliban has largely taken control of the country. The initial consequences for the civilian population are dramatic:


  • Hundreds of thousands have become internally displaced – in addition to the more than 3 million people who have already sought refuge in their own country (according to UNHCR).
  • More than 18 million Afghans are in urgent need of assistance at this moment. In addition, the situation is already fragile, with women and children suffering in particular, who already accounted for 80% of the fleeing Afghans at the end of May (according to the UN).


We are a non-governmental organization that has been implementing educational projects in Afghanistan for 15 years and supporting IDPs in Afghan refugee camps for years. We have already successfully built and expanded 11 schools and reached more than 35,000 IDPs through our emergency relief efforts. Likewise, we have been able to build an extensive network of local partners who are now more than ever in need of our support.

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What are donations needed for?


Despite the difficult times, we have decided to continue our work and not to withdraw from Afghanistan. We will continue to be a reliable partner for the local people.


Emergency Relief

IDPs in the area lack everything essential. They are homeless and destitute. Our colleagues on the ground are in the process of providing people with the most basic necessities. Initial emergency aid has already been provided in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. Inventories and planning are currently being carried out to determine the need for further emergency aid and to ensure that the donations arrive safely where they are most urgently needed.

We ask for your understanding that the dynamic political situation is currently a great challenge for the work, and we do not want to expose anyone to danger. For security reasons we are unable to provide further details for now and are reporting on the emergency relief on a delayed basis.


Educational projects

We also want to continue our educational projects as best we can. Especially in view of the suspension of German governmental development cooperation, we are still dependent on donations, in addition to emergency aid, in order to secure our school projects with our own financial means. Not only our colleagues, but hundreds of construction site workers and their families are dependent on their wages.


It is our responsibility to act and support these people as best we can!

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After the Taliban took power, the German government froze development cooperation funds and ended evacuations from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, it is estimated that 18.4 million Afghans – nearly half of the population – are in particular humanitarian need at this time. Sign our petition and demand that the German government does not sit idly by while the humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan unfolds and stands up for civil society on the ground.

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