Festive Baking 2015 -  Visions4Children

Festive Baking 2015

Hamburg, Deutschland
Projectstart: 2015

On November 29th, 2015, our winter campaign for the refugee children from a central processing point took place for the first time. We arranged to meet on a wintery Sunday afternoon to bake the Alster fairytale ships. While there was plenty to nibble on, the adults were able to chat a great deal with one another. Afterwards, we had our make-up done on the boats and watched a wonderful magic show, which, despite language barriers, delighted the young and old guests alike. It was a beautiful day, which brought incredible joy to all participants and to us.


Many thanks to the volunteers Sarah, Norbert, Melli and Alina of the ZEA, who supported us with the campaign and the planning in advance!