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Ramadan Campaign 2020 – Corona Emergency Relief for Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan
Projectstart: 2020


Achieved goal:

22.500 €


Achieved goal:

22.500 €

With the global spread of Covid-19, regions affected by crisis and severe poverty are being observed closely and with increasing worry. Our project country, Afghanistan has also been hit hard by the pandemic.


Currently, €22,500 is needed, to provide 300 families in the refugee camp of Ghaibi Baba in Kabul with care packages of food as well as sanitary and hygiene products.

Starting Point

The fasting month of Ramadan is a time of community, charity and mindfulness. Due to Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions, the communal fast-breaking, which is an important element of Ramadan, is only possible on a very small scale.


As circumstances are different this year, there is another reason to worry: there are no large events happening where the poor and hungry are normally fed. Usually during Ramadan, food is given to those in need, thus many poor and hungry people come together to break their fast. Due to the pandemic, these events were canceled and, as many day-labourers have lost their source of income, the country is threatened by a widespread famine.
Additionally, the sanitary situation in the area continues to worsen.

Our SOLUTION Approach

This year, we have again chosen to support the refugee camp of Ghaibi Baba in Kabul and the 300 families living there. They have been brought to this camp and have left their provinces (e.g. Nangahar, Wardak and Kapisa), which suffer from unrest and turmoil. The living conditions of these internally displaced people are appalling they live in tents or simple huts made of clay. With our packages, we want to make sure that these families can get through Ramadan in these times of exceptional crises.

One package containing staple goods, sanitary and hygiene products costs €75 and contains about:


  • 50 kg flour (112.75 lb),

  • 10 l oil (2.64 gl),

  • 7 kg sugar (15.78 lb),

  • 1 kg tea (2.25 lb),

  • 7 kg beans (15.78 lb),

  • 7 kg rice (15.78 lb)

  • and sanitary products (masks, soap, gloves)


We cooperated with the Afghani Women’s Society, which has contributed to 27 years of humanitarian action and aid. As the goods are organised and distributed on time, we strengthen the Afghan economy, and the individuals most in need get the help they require.


We started the campaign with the surplus of the Corona Emergency Campaign in Herat of €4,620.79.
This amount is added to our momentary sum, reported, and if the goal of this campaign has been met, a potential surplus is distributed to our school project in Kabul where some lessons still have to be held in tents.