HAYUSOM 2013 -  Visions4Children


Hamburg, Deutschland
Projectstart: 2013

“For me, Hajusom means family and love.” (Farsad, Afghanistan)


The theatre project, nationally known for transnational art “Hajusom” enables young people to present their way of processing their stories and fates on large theatre stages. The association “Hajusom e.V.” is an aid organisation with mainly refugees, who are minors from West Africa, Iran and Afghanistan.


The young people came to Germany without family members, experienced hardships and are faced with a lack of stability and guidance in a foreign Germany. We also support the creative work of the association by helping the young people to build up a new life in Germany. Through our mentoring programme, we help the young people in their everyday life, with administrative tasks and with private lessons. The ethnic diversity among the members of “Visions for Children e.V.” enables them to communicate at an equal level. In this way we create trust and build a relationship with the young people.