Ramadan campaign 2020 – Corona emergency aid for Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan
Project start: 2020


Target achieved:
22.500 €

The coronavirus is currently spreading worldwide. We are particularly concerned about the situation in crisis areas and very poor regions. At the moment, our focus is particularly on Afghanistan.

In cooperation with the Afghan Women’s Association, we were able to provide 300 families in the Ghaibi Baba refugee camp in Kabul with essential food and hygiene packages during the month of Ramadan.


The fasting month of Ramadan is a communal time that focuses on mindfulness and charity. Due to Corona and the associated restrictions, breaking the fast together, which is an important part of Ramadan, is unfortunately only possible on a very small scale this year.

What was also different this year and caused us a great deal of concern was that there were no large soup kitchens. Normally, food is distributed to the needy during Ramadan, and many poor people come together to break their fast at Ramadan tables hosted by the rich. As food supplies are no longer available and many day laborers are already unable to generate an income due to the pandemic, the country is facing severe hunger. In addition, the hygienic conditions continue to deteriorate.

Problem solution

This year, we once again supported the Ghaibi Baba refugee camp in Kabul. Around 300 families currently live there. They were expelled from troubled Afghan provinces (including Nangahar, Wardak and Kapisa). The living conditions of these internally displaced persons are appallingly poor; they are currently living in tents or makeshift buildings. We would like to provide food and hygiene packages to ensure that the families living in the camp can get through this difficult crisis during Ramadan.

Erfahre mehr

A food and hygiene package costs €75 & includes approx:

  • 50 kg flour

  • 10 L oil

  • 7 kg sugar

  • 1 kg tea

  • 7 kg beans

  • 7 kg rice

  • Hygiene articles (masks, soap, gloves)

Once again, we cooperated with the Afghan Women’s Association, which can already look back on 27 years of experience in the humanitarian field. The goods were procured locally and distributed to the people at the beginning of May. In this way, we strengthen the Afghan economy and the aid goes directly to where it is needed.

Alongside the distribution of food and hygiene products, the Afghan Women’s Association has launched an awareness campaign. The eleven-strong team from the Afghan Women’s Association used information banners and posters to inform residents about protective measures. ⠀

We started the campaign with a donation surplus of €4,620.79 from the Corona emergency aid campaign in Herat, which we included in the donations already collected.

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