Winter emergency aid for families in Afghanistan

Project start: 2021


Target achieved:
121.335 €

The harsh winter begins in Afghanistan, further exacerbating the catastrophic humanitarian situation. More than half of the Afghan population is threatened by hunger. Donate now to support them!

This year, we have watched in horror as the situation in Afghanistan has worsened and is now heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe.

The collapse of the economy, the ongoing drought and the COVID pandemic have led to a catastrophic supply situation – one in three people in the country is starving.

Now the harsh winter begins and makes the situation even worse. Recent reports (IPC by FAO & WFP) show that the lives, livelihoods and access to food of 22.8 million people are severely threatened. That is more than half of the Afghan population!

The expected humanitarian disaster puts 3.2 million children under the age of five at particular risk. WFP and UNICEF estimate that without action, around 1 million children are at risk of dying from severe malnutrition.

As in previous years – and this time more urgently than ever – we are therefore launching a Winter emergency aid campaign for Afghanistan. We will support families in need financially or with care packages, depending on their personal needs. As in previous years, any surplus income will flow into our long-term education projects in Afghanistan. To protect local people, we do not show faces or share names of specific locations, and we communicate the distributions with a time delay.

We know that with your support we can reach hundreds of families again this year to give them a perspective for the coming winter months.


In recent years, we have been able to reach more than 35,000 internally displaced persons through our humanitarian emergency aid. Our extensive network of local partners helps us to ensure that donations arrive as quickly and directly as possible where they are most urgently needed. This year, we also carried out a campaign for the emergency situation in Afghanistan and the continuation of our education projects. Government funding for development cooperation is still suspended, which is why we are all the more dependent on private donations.

In recent weeks, despite the challenges posed by the current difficult situation, we have been able to find ways to implement emergency humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and continue work on our construction sites. As the situation worsens this winter, we are now reliant on donations in order to continue providing emergency aid.

Climate and winter in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is still recovering from the 2018-2019 drought and 2019 floods, while the La Niña weather phenomenon plunged the country into a dry 2020-2021 winter season (UN OCHA). Winter in Afghanistan is extremely cold – it can be as cold as minus 30 degrees, especially in the mountain regions, and entire villages are cut off from the outside world by snowstorms and lose access to resources or health facilities.

The internally displaced people in the country – displaced or fleeing from the ongoing conflicts and natural disasters – live in camps under precarious conditions in simple mud huts or tents – without any protection from the weather.

Especially now, we must act quickly and support people in need!


After the Taliban took power, the German government froze funding for development cooperation and ended the evacuation from Afghanistan. However, it is estimated that 22.8 million Afghans – more than half of the population – are in humanitarian need, especially now. NGOs in Afghanistan must continue to be supported in order to be able to continue their work on the ground. Sign our petition now and help us put pressure on the government!

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