Hamburg, Deutschland
Projectstart: 2021

Donation status: 14.500 €

Goal: 23.000 €

Donation status: 14.500 €

Goal: 23.000 €

We are not only active in Afghanistan and Uganda in the field of development cooperation and engagement for educational justice. Also in Germany we are keen to raise awareness for these issues. We are firmly convinced that it is most effective to start precisely where the most can be done for the future: in the schools. As part of our domestic project, we are working with experts and educators to develop teaching materials on topics such as global crises, development cooperation and international relations for Hamburg’s high schools and district schools.

Initial situation

Pupils in Germany have too little contact with the topic of development policy in school lessons. There is too little discussion of the living conditions and effects of crises on poorer and war-affected cultural groups. In a time of omnipresent global crises, the focus of students is still too much on their own lives and needs. It is difficult for them to see complex situations from a different perspective. Complex interrelationships, such as the consequences of flight and migration, can thus only be understood with difficulty.

Important global issues such as the right and opportunity to education are often taken for granted from their own life reality. Germany’s own role and responsibility in solving global crises is also often not clear to the students. As a result, they quickly get the impression that they cannot make much of a difference themselves, since development policy is perceived as the responsibility of “the others”.

Our solution approach

With our project at schools in Hamburg, we want to make children and young people aware of development policy issues at an early age. If children encounter these issues early on in their school careers, it can have a lasting impact on their view of the world and is passed on to their environment.

To this end, we are creating teaching materials for grades 8 to 10 at Hamburg’s high schools and district schools that convey the international networks and relationships, current challenges and approaches to solutions in development cooperation and policy in an age-appropriate way. By drawing a comparison to Germany, students can more easily identify with their peers around the world. In this way, they learn to value their self-evident right to education and their diverse educational opportunities.

Students learn that decisions at the regional, national, and European levels are not only intertwined, but also increasingly influenced by international interests and developments. They learn that in the face of global problems and conflicts, global solutions must be created.

We prepare and distribute material for about 6 lessons in the form of texts and working materials. They are supplemented by handouts as well as information events and further training for teachers on the use of the teaching materials.

What has been achieved so far

Workshop with teachers

Together with committed teachers, we finalize the concept, structure and time plan for the preparation of exciting and didactical teaching materials for Hamburg schools during two conception workshops.