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We have a vision of a world in which every child can read and write. Improving learning conditions and the quality of education in schools in crisis regions is the main focus of our work. Besides that, we carry out humanitarian emergency aid in unstable regions on a regular basis and provide integration assistance to those who need it.

Educational projects

In accordance with the fourth Sustainable Development Goal of the UN 2030 Agenda, we seek to improve learning and teaching conditions in volatile regions in order to make high quality education accessible to all children. In order to accomplish this goal, we build and equip schools, educate teachers and students and work to ensure that the basic needs of school communities in matters of sanitation, nutrition and accommodation are met.

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Emergency aid

In areas of crisis, people often lack the bare necessities. At least twice a year, we therefore provide people in need with essential goods.

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For some years now we have been observing an enormous increase in the number of refugees in Germany. Through different projects we are supporting their integration in Hamburg.

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About us

Our work focuses on the improvement of learning conditions and educational quality at schools in areas of conflict and war zones. For this purpose, school buildings and sanitary facilities are being improved, classrooms are being equipped with fundamental equipment and pupils and teachers are being provided with essential materials. Additionally, we strive to strengthen the capacities of our target groups with training courses and workshops.

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