Emergency aid campaign 2020 – Corona emergency aid for Herat

Herat, Afghanistan
Project start: 2020


Target achieved:
33.740 €

The coronavirus is currently spreading worldwide. We are particularly concerned about the situation in crisis areas and very poor regions. At the moment, our focus is particularly on Afghanistan.


In Afghanistan, where there is an acute lack of medical care after four decades of war, there is practically no healthcare system; there is a lack of both personnel and medical equipment.

Despite the peace agreement signed with the Taliban in spring 2020, the Taliban and the Afghan army are still fighting. Alongside these ongoing conflicts, important information about the current coronavirus pandemic is being lost. Without even being able to understand the situation properly, many people are confronted with the existentially threatening consequences of the crisis.

Our member Winuss reported from Herat. On March 21, 2020, she spoke with affected people from the “Minara” refugee camp as well as with people on the street:

“Since the pandemic, the day laborers can no longer work. They have neither food reserves nor money. Many now feel abandoned by the Afghan government. They don’t know what to do next. The GIZ and other international aid organizations have already left the country due to the dangerous situation. In the city of Herat, almost all stores are closed and only a few supermarkets are still open. Prices have risen sharply and the price of beans has roughly doubled. The refugee camps and the streets of Herat are also very empty, despite Nouroz, where there are always celebrations.”


We responded with immediate measures and moved our annual Ramadan campaign forward by almost a month so that we could distribute emergency aid promptly to the groups of people most affected by the exceptional situation: Day laborers, refugees and people with disabilities.

In spring 2020, we were already able to launch three campaigns in Herat. We supplied a school for the blind with 170 pupils, a training center for war and IED (Injuries from roadside improvised explosive devices) casualties with 82 trainees and the refugee camp “Minara”, which is located 7km from the city center and is inhabited by 282 families (internally displaced persons from Ghor and the south of the country).

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A package costs €65 and contains approximately*: 50kg flour, 6 liters oil, 10kg sugar, 1kg tea, 5kg beans, 10kg rice, hygiene products (soap & shampoo) and school supplies (writing paper for school children).

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